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Tips for you winter holiday in Lech

Should you decide to arrive by car, do not forget you snow chains. For our German guest, snow chains can be hired from the ADAC.

If your car has a diesel engine, may we suggest, when making your booking, reserve a parking space in the multi story, underground car park »Anger«. Experience has shown that cars with diesel engines, parked outside in temperature of minus 20 degrees, have problems when starting the engine. Wishing you a safe journey.

Do you know »Bickensohl« in Germany’s Kaiserstuhl region? A small village, surrounded by vineyards, producing the most delicious wines. We, in Haus Fortuna, have the pleasure in offering »Bickensohler« Weißburgunder, Rosé, Spätburgunder or Müller Thurgau. Visit the home-page of »Winzergenossenschaft Bickensohl«.


Enjoy the panoramic view from our balcony or the 360º view from the Rüfikopf by visiting:

Rundblick von der Aussichtsplatform auf dem Rüfikopf in Lech am Arlberg Sommer

Lech von oben im Sommer

Lech von oben im Winter